'Social Development' is not an abstract theoretical concept. With the social development, we mean, the relationship among culture, preservation of tradition, utilization of science and technology, use of human rights and freedom. It is necessary to enrich awareness in those fields related to social development.

Enrichment of awareness is one of the key tasks for social development as the next one is physical development. Considering these facts, Awareness Campaign Nepal as a social organization, established in 2068 B.S. in order to play vital role to enhance awareness in the society. The organization through different activities in collaboration with different stakeholders is working to deliver awareness in the society regarding many socio-economic issues.

Apart from these, Awareness Campaign Nepal is helping for skill development and capacity building through training and other programs.

At last, not the least – development and enrichment of awareness in the society is our major concern. We agree with the words of Andre Breton "To see, to hear, means nothing, to recognize (or not to recognize) means everything" and helping people to recognize the fact.

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